18 Juni 2017

Ramadhan GIF

I have no idea how to make GIF using adobe, so I use http://gifmaker.me/ instead to combine these two pictures :) 

Shibori Sun-dye-ing

Shoutout to my new hobby! Yes, besides trying to figure out those Adobe Illustrator buttons and tools to make a customized fabric pattern, I have another new hobbies which is making shibori. It begin when I'm suddenly in love looking all those picture of shibori dress and home decoration on the internet, yet they sell it in a high price (lol again)!

I learned from Youtube and bought myself a dye (not the natural dye since I am a beginner). And tadaaa I'm impressed by my own first shibori! Unfortunately, those shibori I made after my first project were a failure lol. But I do not lose my hope and trying again and again. It's so fun!

My First Shibori

Shibori sun-dye-ing

17 Juni 2017

Scarf Making

As much as I want to find new things in life and that I'm currently able to use Adobe Illustrator (thanks job description), I want to make my own fabric pattern! Silk scarf is really a thing right now and a lot of online shop sell it in a really high price. So I decided to designing my own pattern and send it to the vendor to print mine.

My Flo on screen:

My Flo in real life:

The printing quality is so good yet I did not really like the fabric material. I might have chosen other silk material yet I should go to Pasar Mayestik to check what kind of silk I want to use. And... I want to take this seriously, I have to find another vendor because it's still quite expensive to produce a mass item.

There might be a lot of similar scarf with a low price, but you have to understand that you also have to pay for the design for customized printed scarf, especially those who have a really unique pattern. The artist poured their heart out during the making. :)

27 Desember 2016

Me and My "What if"

I believe almost everyone including myself have our own "What if". As I get older, especially in the moment after graduated from high school and moved away from my parents, I wonder... a lot. This feeling grows each day and reach it finest points so far after I graduated from university. Social pressure totally stressed me out back then.

Everyone said it was okay and it was just a phase, but I did not think so. I knew I have to make a major change, I did it and turns out it was one of my biggest decision so far. I hope there will be a lot big things to be decided in the future. 

December is always become a good time to evaluate myself all over the year. It remind me of my "What if(s)". I always wonder what if I move to other land or country? What if I pursue my master degree in some places I have never been before? What if I started a business seriously? What if I write seriously? What if I take a spontaneous trip on my own? What if I explore other religion (chill, it's not like I'm gonna change my personal belief)? And more, and more...

I want something dynamic. I do not want to settle down for something static just because everyone thinks it is fine. I hope I get the courage to do all the things I always wonder next in 2017. Just like Plath said, I want to taste and glory in each day and never be afraid to experience pain.

17 September 2016


Why are you never say yes to a karaoke invitation?
I do not go to a casual karaoke, but I try my best to accept the invitation if there is any big event such as farewell or birthday party. Just to show my respect.

There are a big difference in terms of music taste between me and most of my friends. My music playlist mostly do not even exist in karaoke list. I want to sing She and Him, Band of Horses, The Heart and The Head.

Why don't you make instagram account or posting on path just like others do?
As I get older, I introspect myself a lot and found that I am a big mess. I do not want to share my personal activities and thoughts to public because I do not see the positive point of myself.

I personally think that path and snapchat is pointless as well. However, I really enjoy social media like instagram and ask.fm. But to have a personal account and let myself open to public through social media is a big no for me. Blog is enough.

Why are you decline group chat invitation such as school alumni, etc?
I am not interested to keep in touch with all of them. I only want to talk to my close friends. Big group chat is a spam for me.

What irritated you the most on Line timeline?
The fact that I friends with people who share judgemental and radical posts from Dakwah Islam, Muslim Daily, etc. I am fine with religious post as long as it respect others belief and not judgementally stupid.

I also hate nonsense post of golongan darah account because why the hell people do not use common sense oh my godness. I hate dagelan account jokes because it is not funny at all. Most of the jokes are disrespecting human being. I mute some friends account so I do not have to see that kind of post.

Weird post I know. Bye.