28 Maret 2013

Dreams Come True

Azwar, Azka, Ayu, Aji

When I was in Tingkat Persiapan Bersama (TPB), I listed my dreams in a piece of paper. One of them is running my own social project. Anyway, I have been dream about it since I was in junior high school, after I read a book (I forgot the title) and it gave me a lot of inspiration.

I made a big decision to study outside my city. I want to develop myself better. Lucky me, it just like dream come true because I got involved in various organization and community, got a chance to volunteer with some big non-governmental organization to upgrade myself, meet someone new, and of course learned a lot about how to running a socio-environment project.

I told my friends about it, we decided to apply it as a PKM. Unfortunately, a problem occured and we could not handle it. So we did not apply PKM at all. I learned that everything must be well prepared, do not delay the work, make sure the deadline, and beat my laziness and ego.

A few months later, I applied this idea in a big competition. I hope to get funding for this project. But the universe did not conspire. My project was not selected as a finalist. At least, I got a lot of feedback from friends for execution of this project. I'm happy.

Next semester, my friend invited me to run our own projects. We joined a project competition. We invited other friends. And without any funding from another, we started running this project. I learned that money is absolutely did not mean everything. We could handle it even with limited funds.

the kids and Aji
Ayu was helping the girls to make a craft

Dadan and a little circle of boys
I learned a lot; how to make a detail plan, how to communicate and having partnership with others, etc. The competition ends. I'm totally happy because God let me realize it although it was pretty hard. I do really hope this project continues, so it can give positive impact to others. Of course I got a plan what will we do next :)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in Action! (photo by Ahmad)

You evolve as a person by making mistakes. No mistakes, no evolution. Stop spinning your wheels. Take a chance. - @CountMeInID

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