30 April 2013

Life's getting harder. We're getting stronger.

Last Monday, I asked one my friends from TPB, Ipeh, to meet me soon. We didn't meet for almost 2 weeks and both of us had a lot of things to share. Life was so busy nowadays then finally we met last Friday. A few hours before we met, I forgot about 'something' I had to done this evening. But I was still going to campus to meet her.

I had no idea how busy Ipeh is lately. She joined an organization in our faculty called BEM and on that day she should meet some persons to give an invitation letter for the organization's event. She was so riweuh. She cancelled her plan to go home after a month in Bogor (it's weird when Jakartan people are keep themselves stay in Bogor for a month without go home). Last Monday, on 09.00 p.m. I texted her that I just arrived at my boarding house (Bogor) after 4 days in Depok. And she said that on that time (09.00 p.m.), she was still in Depok to pick something in a printing company. Super duper crazy.

After accompany Ipeh sent those letters, we went to cyber campus because I needed to finish my 'things'. I felt like I want to give up with these things but I remembered my self-promise last year that I will not let myself give up before the war started. And... I finished it in 20 minutes! Congratulate me!

We decided to go to Indraprasta. It's quite far from Dramaga (our campus area). We went there by angkot and transpakuan for almost 40 minutes, but it's okay because we needed to go outside Dramaga for a while.

After 2 hours chat and late lunch with Ipeh, I suddenly realized that so many things happened in our life. And it was totally great. Although there were some troubles, we still had a lot of things that made us happy. There were fears and tears, but we had reason for cheers.

Yes, I did never thought about how lucky I am. I still had a great time to go to the movie with my 75 classmates. I still had a chance to meet Della and Papski at the Alfamidi. I still had an opportunity to meet Ipeh, the most busiest person nowadays, and eat this nasi timbel.

God gave me so much things in life. God sent me some troubles to test my patience, but God also sent me those lovely best-friends and family to cheer me up. When I chose my life scenario, God gave me the better one.

"Maka nikmat Tuhan-mu yang manakah yang kamu dustakan?"
Q.S. Ar-Rahman (55)
Life's getting harder. But, God make us getting stronger.

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