07 Oktober 2013

Being Rejected is Okay

Hello! Did the universe treat you well? Many things happened. Some things are too stoooooopid to be told, too private to be blogged, too bad I couldn't press the publish button in my blog post even I'm not sure that anyone would read my blog except my close friend and my family. But the point is, I'm blessed!

Last year, I applied for Nutrifood Leadership Award with my friends but none of us passed the first phase. I registered again this year and passed the first phase. Ok, just the first phase hahaha but it's okay. I learn a lot that being rejected is not a big deal anymore.

Few months ago, I joined the recruitment of Indonesian Future Leaders (IFL). I passed the first phase and then being rejected. I was like, "Hey you interviewed me for almost one hour (it felt that long) and then you're not accepting me?!". Of course I was not saying that. I was just thinking, but I found myself so melancholic. Such a teenager.

But now I know that God didn't gave what us want because there's always a good reason, a better plan (look how mature I am when I turned 20 :p). Many things happened few months later and I just could not imagine if I accepted as IFL team, how can I manage my time?

At the audition (6th October), I met Sandro, Arfan, and Andita. As long as I know them for 3 months, they are absolutely great. I also met so many stunning people with a great public speaking and story telling skill, ah especially the 'Prasetiya-Mulya-guy' who became the object of me, Sandro, and Arfan's conversation during the way home. I never felt like wasting my time. AH THANKS GOD I LEARNED A LOT THERE!

Jakarta Chapter

Anyway, goodluck Sandro and Arfan for the next phase!

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