26 Desember 2013

2013; Fears, Tears, and Cheers

When I was ten, I asked myself, "How does it feel when I am twenty years old?". Then here I am, 2013. So how does it feel? It is hard to explain. Because no matter how detail I tell you the story, you will never know what I've been through.

This is the year I explored myself. The year I challenged myself. The year I ran a social project with no budget. The year I did something new. The year I traveled new places. The year I met so many new people. The year I learned a lot from them. The year I changed the way I think.

This is the year I bought lipstick, lipbalm, and compact powder for the first time LOL! The year I learned the meaning of friendship. The year I kept my self-promises. The year I got what I want. The year I failed. The year I felt excited, happy, sad, and dissapointed at the same time.

This is the year I got a serious disease. The year I could not sleep tight at night. The year I ate medicine everyday. The year I saw the doctor every weekend. The year I thought I will lose my future. The year I cried alone... a lot.

This is the year I unpublished my high school blog posts. The year I've been blogging  for five years woaaa. The year I realized that there were fears and tears, but thanks God, I had soooo many reasons for cheers!

Goodbye 2013. Welcome 2014 :)

5 komentar:

Rieza Amalia mengatakan...

aku mau komen nih lewat chat aja ah tapi. terlalu banyak tanggapan. takut merusak ke-semiformalan di blogmu ka hueheheh

Nadia Azka mengatakan...

mana postingan blogmu

Dewi mengatakan...

aku suka postingan ini ka. gatau kenapa :')

Nadia Azka mengatakan...

mungkin karena aku cantik?

Dewi Emillia Bahry mengatakan...

itu........ entahlah. aku istikharah dulu ya buat nemuin jawaban pastinya ka.