30 April 2014

Losing Phone Twice a Month

I am losing my phone twice this month. And two of my friends are losing their phone too. This is not a trends but here the story goes...

First Lost
In the beginning of April (04/04) I went to Spesial Sambal (Yasmin, Bogor) with Galih, Rika, and Prima. I was pretty sure that I have checked that nothing left on our table so we left around 6 pm and back to my rent-room.

But when I opened my bag, I couldn't find my phone. I called my phone and then someone from Spesial Sambal answered it. She said that I left my phone there and I shouldn't be worry because she will keep it tonight so I can come back there tomorrow to get it back. The next day, I came back to Spesial Sambal and got my phone back. I was so relieved. I couldn't imagine if I lost my phone because ya you know it's kinda cheesy but it's hard to live without smartphone lol.

Second Lost
A week later (12/04)  I finished my mid-term test and went to Villa Bukit Pinus, Ciawi, to attend a special training from my scholarship program. Me and another IPB friends rent an angkot. When we arrived, I did check the seat to make sure that nothings left there (especially my phone hahah). Galih did the check too so I was sure that my phone was pretty safe inside my bag.

After did the registration, I opened my bag and I couldn't find my phone. I asked my friend, Asad, to call the angkot driver. The angkot driver said that he couldn't find my phone at the back seat and he did vow to me that he was being honest. He also said that after got us to the villa, he got three boys from Ciawi sat in the back so maybe they took my phone before Asad call him. Asad told me that he already know the angkot driver for a long time so he sure that the angkot driver was not lying.

I texted my dad and mom with my other phone. I realized that it was my fault so I was trying to be okay and enjoy those two days training. When I got back from training, some of my friends told me that now the guy who took my phone changed my whatsapp profile picture, delete my whatsapp groups, and sent my friends a weird message on 2 am.

A week later, I went back to Jakarta, then my dad visited me and got me a new phone. I changed my email and social media account. My old phone number was not active anymore. My problems are clear now. I am so lucky thanks God.

Two weeks later (28/04), Galih told me that she lost her blackberry in angkot. It was not funny but well it sounds weird because this things also happened to her. Actually she has another smartphone but her blackberry is the most important because she already used it for more than three years and there were so many important data inside the blackberry. She made an announcement to every angkot kampus dalam driver and said that if one of them find her blackberry, she will give him 500.000 rupiahs.

Few days later (30/04), one of my classmates, Mbachan, lost her new smartphone. She just bought and used it for a week. She didn't realize that someone took her phone during her way from uni to Bara. She was sure that no one robbed it, but when she tracked it, GPS told her that her phone now is in a hospital (not far from our uni).

I have no points to show in this story. I have no tips for how to not losing your phone. Just be careful and guard your phone with your life from now on!

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