24 September 2014

Legal Age

I am officialy in a legal age since 7th September 2014.

There was a family monthly gathering at my grandparents' house and I was quite busy serving the foods for the whole family on my birthday. We had a big bowl of soto, hundreds sate, pudding, combro, etc. I went back to Bogor in the afternoon, and as you know, I lost my wallet.

And while talking about birthday, let me ask you, who doesn't love surprise, eh? I got two surprises this year. The first one was in my rent room and finally I got a chance to eat Lapis Bogor in green tea flavour ... a lot hehehe!

The second one was absolutely surprising. Here the story goes, I have four friends who live in a rent house, they are Galih, Rika, Anggy, and Lina. And I also have a friend who used to live with them named Dewi. Dewi's birthday was 19th September and Galih's birthday was 21st September.

Let's call Rika, Anggy, and Lina as Surprise Team. The surprise team invited me to a surprise party for Galih and Dewi. Ofc I said yes I'd love to. But the suprise team told Dewi a different thing. They invited Dewi to a surprise party for Galih. And they also asked Galih to make a suprise part for me and Dewi. I did not know that the surprise team already surprised Galih the day before, so did Dewi, we both did not know anything.

I bought spagetti, sausage, and spagetti sauce with Lina. When we arrived in the house, Anggy told us that Rika took Galih away so we can cook spagetti for the surprise dinner. Dewi was already in the house. We all cooked spagetti together. When Rika and Galih came, Anggy and Lina told me and Dewi to hide in their bedroom in the 2nd floor. So we did. When we were waiting for the next command... Anggy, Lina, Rika, and also Galih got into the bedroom, brought martabak telor (yes, not a cake but martabak telor), and sang...

"Happy birthday Dewi! Happy birthday Galih!"

I was thinking that I still the part of the surprise team but suddenly...

"Happy birthday Azka!"

Whaaaat I did not know that they also arrange this suprise for me. We got our birthday presents, sang again, and we moved to the first floor to opened the presents. I love the presents! I love martabak telorrrr so so so so much! And I'd love to eat spagetti!!!!!

But you know what's the most important things among it all? I love them :)

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