25 September 2014

My New Habit!

7th semester is great. I just have to attend the lecture from Monday - Wednesday. In the rest of the week, I can do anything since I did not have another responsibility like join any community or do internship. My life is more flexible right now and I enjoy it.

Since I rarely workout last semesters (only once a month in a car free day), I have a resolution to workout routinely this semester. And now me and my classmates love to workout almost everyday. We usually run in the morning/ afternoon (it's up to us which one do we choose) and doing another simple workout like sit up, push up, plank, etc.

This is some pictures after we run in Thursday morning.

I have to say thanks for Mas Anggia and Bang Jo , my mentors from Young On Top for becoming such an inspiring person. I have to say no for gorengan pinggir jalan, es lilin, and I won't eat nasi padang everyday anymore (yes, I used to because nasi padang is the most yummy food in the whole word! I was craving for nasi padang almost everyday).

Anyway, I have oatmeal for my breakfast, rice with vegetables and protein for my luch, and a glass of milk for dinner. But sadly I only do it when I am in Bogor. So in Thursday when I go to my grandparents' home, I eat... a bit lot. But I replace my snacks with fruits.

If you are interested for a healthy lifestyle, please go check Mas Anggia's platform, The New Habit!

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