26 September 2014

Surprise and Mentoring Session Once Again

When you miss someone, the best medicine is meeting them in person, face to face. I kinda miss the mentoring session I used to do with Mbak Mega, my personal mentor in Young On Top. Mbak Mega was celebrating her birthday a month ago. Me and her mentees from Young On Top CAs Batch 4 made her a video titled Megamorphosis last August. I'm forget where do I save the video so I can't upload it.

Yesterday, on the first mentoring session of her group in Young On Top CAs Batch 5, I came with Anty, Fiona, and Adit (too bad Arista and Rafel can't join us) to give her a little surprise. We brought a cute chocolate cake named "giving love" from Tous les Jours Bakery and tada...... she was surprised!

photo by mas billy

In the first mentoring session, we talked about passion. Mas Anggia asked us to make three lists; things we love, things we can do, things we love and we can do. Thanks God at least we know what we love and we can do. Finding a passion is not easy. It is not a thing that you could know in a day, it is a thing you know when you already passed a 'journey'.

So if you have not found what your passion is, you might be have not push yourself to the limit, you might be still in your comfort zone, you might be have not take any life challenge.

Mbak Mega told us a long story about how she find her passion in 2010. It is a long story, when I first hear about it a year ago, I am surprised to know that her journey is so complicated.

This is what I missed about mentoring session. It is not about motivation, but it is about inspiration.

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