06 Oktober 2014

Pop Art for Android and Blog

I do love old comic strip since forever, especially the western one like marvel. This kind of art is classified as one of pop art style. What is pop art? Oh you can find the answer by just clicking this wiki page or googling for another references.

Yesterday I searched some app in the playstore that related to pop art, then I found a theme launcher for android called Dodol (seriously, I am not joking, it named Dodol) and it has pop art theme! I changed my phone theme and it absolutely makes me happy everytime I look at my phone screen hehehe.

pop art theme for android from dodol launcher
Okay now I might be look a little bit obsessed because I also changed my blog template this morning into a pop art template. I made my own header and got some pop typhology and artwork so here it is... It seems more cheerful than the old one, right?

my brother made a cartoon picture of me for my blog header

space theme

pop art theme!

There's no way you could download this pop art blog template anywhere because I made it by myself and I won't share it. I want to keep it exclusive. I know I'm cool, you can give me applause :P

2 komentar:

Rieza Amalia mengatakan...

prok prok prok prok! iya br sadar yang kemarin suram, ga km bgt ka

Nadia Azka mengatakan...

yang komen kamu lagi kamu lagi ya -_-