23 Oktober 2014

Should Learn More and More

As you know, everyone has their own targets, so am I. So two weeks ago, I was sick and I could not sleep at all........ In the morning I went outside my bedroom with a headache and I felt very dizzy. Bad news, I had to do TOEFL prediction test in my uni. I had to do that test right in the moment because I need the certificate as soon as possible (in my department, if we want to hold a thesis seminar, we should submit TOEFL prediction certificate, and we should get at least 450).

All my classmates got a subsidy from our department so we only pay 30k for that test with LIA (normally we should pay 400k-ish). So I did the test in a really bad condition. I got my lunch with my friends, then I went to see the doctor, and thanks God I finally could sleep.

Bad things happened in the next week, the result was coming. Bad news, I could not reach my personal target. Good news, I get more than that minimum standard score so I would say that I am ready to hold a seminar when my thesis supervisor ask me to do next month. Actually, I am lucky because only a few student who passed the minimum score... But still, the result brought me down personally.

Last week, I got a chance to represent my friends from IPB to give an appreciation speech to our sponsors in Goodwill (my scholarship) Get Together event. I had prepared this speech weeks ago since Bu Mien (secretary of Goodwill Foundation) called me. Of course I was nervous, it was my first speech in english, what if those bule-bule sponsors didn't get my speech, what if they had no idea what am I talking about? I had to speak after Mrs. Gilly from ANZA give her speech. Would it be jomplang (seriously, what is jomplang in english)?

Beside God and my parents, this quote help me tough.

'If you're not scared then you're not taking a chance. If you're not taking a chance then what the hell are you doing anyway?' - Ted Mosby.

Then the day arrived, I still nervous but I did it well although I cut some sentences hehe. Good news again, I got a big pack of chocolate because I asked one question to Mr. Aryo as a keynote speaker.

The run down

Spot me!

Last month, I bought this book. Actually I do not really into fiction but Haruki Murakami's and Paulo Coelho's are worth reading. After read Norwegian Woods (now I am looking for the movie), I decided to bought Kafka on The Shore in english. Imported book is a bit expensive than the translation edition but it's okay. I learned a lot of vocabulary because of this book. It made me realize that my vocab is very poor -___-

haven't finish it yet

And... look at this one. I just check my name out in Urban Dictionary and I found this hahaha! I open urbandictionary.com to learn some slang words and this site is highly recommended. You'll know what BAE means, etc.

thank you urban dictionary

It's been three weeks and I haven't return to Jakarta yet. I am not usually like Bogor Dramaga this much but I'll be in my grandparents' home this weekend because my daddy will come to visit me! Goodbye :* (like anyone reads my blog huh)

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Rieza Amalia mengatakan...

Ngakak baca 'nadia'! Kafka on the Shore keren ga?

Nadia Azka mengatakan...

belum tamat baca choi