17 Desember 2014

Last Year of Uni

I thought I did not have a balance life between outside uni and inside uni last year. I used to go to Jakarta a lot if I have a spare time. Simply because I did not like Bogor, especially Dramaga. And I hate to sleep in my rent room a.k.a kos-kosan due to a nightmare lol.

I did not come to malam keakraban (what it is in english, umm annual class' sleepover night in a villa somewhere). I did not come to sport events (I did not see any happiness by watching sports, and I prefer spending my weekend in Jakarta with my family and friends).

I didn't do that hang out in a cinema, coffee shop or nongkrong-nongkrong time with my classmates, I mean once in a while of course we did it but it is really not my vibe. My class isn't that 'solid' like everyone's class used to be in highschool, but we're okay.

I'm really happy with my decision in the past 3 years of uni, which was great. I regret nothing.

However, it made me spend less time with my classmates.

Actually, KKP-thingy changed us. We lived together (in groups but we visited each other) for almost 2 months. Plus, this last year made us realized that we have not more than six months to make some good memories.

This semester is really good. We hang out some places together. We did sports together. I got a chance to be volley manager in our faculty sports event (amazing experience actually I do really happy hehe). Although the volley team did not get any medal, I enjoyed watching every single match. Football, basketball, badminton, aerobic, etc. Thanks God, my class got the first place! Woo hoo we are the grand champion!

volley girls team

aerobic team

we phsyced 

lots of medal
our champion shirt
the last class

I am not gonna say cheesy things, but I thank God for every single moment I spent this semester with my classmates. 

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