12 Desember 2015

4 Best Junk Food I've Ever Had

Even though we all know that junk food is not that good, I always have a special part for junk food in my heart at least once a month lol. I'd love to have junk food in my special day, such as birthday for example. And if I ever get married, I hope my friends would get my fave junk food on my bachelorette party. I also must be happy if my wedding menu is my fave junk food!

And here I'll tell you about my favorite junk food!

umm... yes I did collage the pictures by myself!

1) Wendy's Frost
I had never taste Wendy's before, in early 2014 I was in the middle of something in Fx Sudirman with my friends (we were still attend university back then, so we have a very limited money ahaha) and we confused about what to eat there since most of eating places in Fx serve expensive menu. Wendy's is the only junk food restaurant in Fx, so we decided to eat there. My friends recommended me to order Wendy's signature ice cream called frost ice cream. They kept telling me that it was the best ice cream they had. And yes, I agree with that. I even think that Wendy's frost is way better than Baskin Robbin or Haagen Dazs.

2) A&W Root Beer with Float
I love root beer for sure! Since it's the only halal beer even though it's not a real beer, it's just a coke lol. I've enjoyed other root beer in other restaurant (forgot the brand) and some root beers in supermarket such as Bickfords Old Style etc. But, A&W Root Beer with Float is still my favorite. 

3) Burger King Mushroom Burger
I used to think that a normal burger such as cheese burger is the best. I do not think that burger will still remain good after added with other ingredients. That's why I used to always order a normal cheese burger whenever I came to Burger King. But in the middle of 2014, I was out with my friends in Burger King and they order me a mushroom burger and wow that my best burger ever since.

4) McDonald Fries
WHO DOESN'T LOVE IT? I'm lovin it! The most expensive instant fries I bought in the supermarket or the any other expensive fries I order in every other restaurant still can't beat McD fries. I wonder how the hell does McD make it. I'd like my fries original without any seasoning such as barbeque. Just the salty fries alone :)

And also, junk food is cheap ahaha so how could I not like it?