27 Desember 2016

Me and My "What if"

I believe almost everyone including myself have our own "What if". As I get older, especially in the moment after graduated from high school and moved away from my parents, I wonder... a lot. This feeling grows each day and reach it finest points so far after I graduated from university. Social pressure totally stressed me out back then.

Everyone said it was okay and it was just a phase, but I did not think so. I knew I have to make a major change, I did it and turns out it was one of my biggest decision so far. I hope there will be a lot big things to be decided in the future. 

December is always become a good time to evaluate myself all over the year. It remind me of my "What if(s)". I always wonder what if I move to other land or country? What if I pursue my master degree in some places I have never been before? What if I started a business seriously? What if I write seriously? What if I take a spontaneous trip on my own? What if I explore other religion (chill, it's not like I'm gonna change my personal belief)? And more, and more...

I want something dynamic. I do not want to settle down for something static just because everyone thinks it is fine. I hope I get the courage to do all the things I always wonder next in 2017. Just like Plath said, I want to taste and glory in each day and never be afraid to experience pain.

19 Juni 2016

Beau Taplin

"Show me the sum of your parts, the layers and layers beneath the lie, the mayhem and madness behind the mask - every dark, ugly truth you conceal underneath that pretty, picture perfect front. Let down your guard and be ruthlessly yourself. I want you for your raw, whole honest heart." 
- Beau Taplin, Raw Honest Heart

"Do not call me perfect, a lie is never a compliment. Call me an erratic damaged and insecure mess. Then tell me that you love me for it." 
- Beau Taplin, You're a Fucking Wreck and I Love You for It

17 April 2016

Rivers and Roads

This weekend I went out with a good friend of mine during high school years. The last time we met was about two years ago I guess since she was never in town when I got back to Semarang. We were visiting Cimory Riverside Restaurant and talking a lot things about our perspective towards quarter life (a typical 20s girl huh) and surprisingly we both have a similar idea, then we found out that we both are the fans of Henry Manampiring's writing lol. We love you Om Piring!

Ayu told me that she is sad to be separated with her university friends since they are placed all around Indonesia when she is placed in Jakarta. And I was like... What?! How could you being sad of not meeting them? As a total introvert who has only few friends, I personally fine with the idea of not meeting them so often anymore. Well, she clearly has a lot more close friends than me.

Yes sometimes we realize the journey we've been taking has reached its final stop. And the problem is where do we go next?

The Head and The Heart - Rivers and Roads

A year from now we'll all be gone
All our friends will move away
And they're goin' to better places
But our friends will be gone away

Nothin' is as it has been
And I miss your face like hell
And I guess it's just as well
But I miss your face like hell

Been talkin' 'bout the way things change
And my family lives in a different state
If you don't know what to make of this
Then we will not relate
So if you don't know what to make of this
Then we will not relate

Rivers and roads
Rivers and roads
Rivers 'til I reach you

03 April 2016

Biasa Bajak, Kini (Mencoba) Bayar

Apa hal yang kamu tau bahwa itu salah namun tetap kamu lakukan?

Jawabannya banyak sih dan salah satunya adalah mendownload dan mendengarkan lagu bajakan. Dasar manusia maunya yang gratisan aja tanpa keluar banyak uang. Terakhir kali aku membayar untuk mendengarkan lagu kalau nggak salah awal-awal SMP. Aku beli kaset album terbarunya Backstreet Boys yang pada saat itu judulnya Never Gone (karena suka sekali dengan lagu-lagu mereka sejak SD, jadi aku bela-belain beli). Waktu itu aku masih bisa mendengarkan lagu pakai walkman, ahaha! Astaga udah lama banget.

Selain mendengar lagu bajakan, menonton film bajakan juga salah satu dosa lain yang sering aku lakukan. Tapi sejak lulus kuliah, aku semakin jarang bertemu dengan teman-teman untuk copy film bajakan dan lebih memilih untuk sewa film dan streaming secara legal di Google Film, biayanya lumayan terjangkau sekitar 19000-25000 rupiah. Metode pembayarannya bisa via pulsa XL dan Telkomsel (kurang tahu bagaimana dengan provider lain). Cuma sayangnya kurang lengkap huhu, dan baru ada film-film hollywood, padahal aku juga mau nonton film Indonesia.

Beberapa contoh bukti pembayaran via pulsa waktu aku nonton via Google Film (yayaya aku dan sepupu2 suka film horor)

Nah baru-baru ini ada aplikasi streaming dan download musik legal asal Swedia yang lagi ngehits karena baru launching di Indonesia minggu lalu, namanya Spotify. Spotify bisa diakses tanpa biaya untuk streaming lagu-lagu, tapi bisa juga diakses dengan biaya langganan sebesar 50rb/ bulan untuk akun premiumnya (tidak hanya streaming, namun bisa download lagu). Berhubung aplikasi ini baru banget muncul di Indonesia, kita bisa nikmatin layanan premiumnya secara gratis selama 30 hari pertama. Aku jadi penasaran dan ikutan install.

user interfacenya cantik

Beberapa lagu dalam list lagu yang aku download

Kalau menurut review yang aku baca di media online, tarif yang dipatok Spotify terbilang jauh lebih murah dibanding aplikasi sejenis seperti Joox, MelOn, Deezer, dll. Terlebih lagi, koleksi lagunya juga lebih lengkap. Aku heran juga sampai lagu Burung dalam Sangkar ada di Spotify dan Youtuber Working With Lemons ada di Spotify ahaha!

Anyway, kalau mau baca info lain mengenai Spotify dan tarifnya bisa cek di;

Yha memang seharusnya kita menghargai karya orang lain, termasuk lagu-lagu dan film sih. Kalau aku bikin karya dengan susah payah, lalu banyak orang menikmati tanpa mau membayar pasti sedih dan kesel juga. Walaupun belum bisa 100% menghindarkan diri dari pembajakan, boleh deh yuk mulai dikit-dikit deh bayar apa yang seharusnya memang kita bayar.

09 Maret 2016

Wedding and Marriage

I am looking back to this post when I was eating roti bakar cokelat keju in Bara at around 10 pm with them. The post was really sentimental actually because one of my friend was turning 20, and those conversation about thesis and work after university with some of my seniors. The idea of quarter life is already scare me since 3 years ago wow great. I am also surfing into this post, back when I attended my seniors' graduation event and suddenly these people (Kak Nana and Kak Toni) were getting married!

Back in 2011, I saw Kak Toni as a childish guy and Kak Nana as a really mature girl. But I never imagine them standing together in the altar. When I hear the news, I was beyond happy for them! Although I felt sorry for Kak Nana's biggest admirer for years, Masjaw ahaha. Still can't believe that they are just one year older than me and already brave enough to step on their own way.

cute invitation they made by themselves

yay for finally reunited in almost full team

puk puk Masjaw

Back in university, I used to take Pengantar Ekonomi Keluarga, Gender dan Keluarga and Manajemen Keuangan Konsumen. Yes, those three subjects was not from my major department. It is from Ilmu Keluarga dan Konsumen (weird major I know lol but it helps us see from another perspective). For me personally right now, marriage is a really big deal life commitment. It is not a fairy tale. You need to discuss wether you want the same thing or not.

Such as...

Is it okay if one of them (wife/ husband) will be working outside the house in a not so friendly time like shift work, long business trip, etc? Is it okay if the main breadwinner focused on his/her career and just have a little time for the family?

Do you both agree to have a me-time? Is one of you be able to spend his/her time alone, watching concert with friends or maybe go on a solo travelling for few days?

Will the husband help the wife do the domestic work such as washing the dishes and clothes, or maybe cooking for breakfast? Will the husband make his own coffee if he wants it? (My Dad washes our family clothes, he makes his own coffee and he doesn't mind to do others domestic work on a daily basis, so I am bit shocked when I know not all Dad did the same thing.)

Who is responsible for what, like who will pay these bills, who will pay for another bills. How will you manage your financial in a marriage?  

Will you let your spouse's parents to live in the same house with you? Will you be okay if your spouse support his family financially in a long term, like paying for his brother or sister's tuition fee which is really cost a lot of money? You may say it is ok right now, but don't you dare to talk behind his back to your friends later.

Do you both need an insurance? Do you both agree to do an investment, if yes, in what instrument(s)? Do you already aware that you need to prepare a saving to buy a house, maternity, children's education, etc.

And the scariest one is... is it okay if you can't have kids?

My biggest worry is if I get a husband who force me to have our own biological kid(s). I mean, yes I do want kids and would try anything to make it happen later on, but I don't think it is a mandatory in marriage. If so, he'll just leave me after years of marriage of not having any biological baby yet. I am not gonna marry a man who value myself as a baby machine. Worst nightmare ever.

Lily: What if I can’t have a baby? That… could happen. I could totally let you down. Has that thought not occurred to you?
 Not even for one second. Not having a baby would suck… but the idea of you letting me down? That’s impossible.
How I Met Your Mother - Season 6, Episode 1 - “Bad Days”

14 Februari 2016


When anyone said that they love me, whether it is platonic or romantically, I usually wonder. I am afraid that someday they will see me the way I see myself. I feel like I do not deserve their kindness and love.

You know it is not hard to fall in love with people when you see them in a good terms. 

You see them happy, enjoying their day, laughing and joking around. You see them caring for anyone else. You see them being grateful for the way they are.

But, you gotta admit that everyone has a yin in a yang, and vice versa.

What if you see them sad, cursing their day, crying and bitching around? You will see them being ignorant towards their circumstances. You will see them being ungrateful moron during their suffered time.

This is makes me worry. Will they still love me when they know that I am such a mess and terrible person?

02 Januari 2016

Cara Membuat NPWP Beda Domisili

Tahun lalu, aku magang di sebuah perusahaan lokal, gaji diberikan setiap bulan menggunakan amplop biasa dan nggak ada birokrasi apa-apa (ini untuk anak magang atau part-timer ya bukan untuk karyawan, if you're a banker and trying to offer a payroll system for them, you're not gonna get into that. Yes, one of my banker friend asked me this.). Awal tahun ini aku juga sempat magang di perusahaan yang skalanya lebih besar, yaitu multinasional. Sistem birokrasinya tentu berbeda dan lebih detil. Sebagai mahasiswa magang, aku diharuskan menyerahkan Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak (NPWP) untuk keperluan administrasi di bagian keuangan perusahaan tersebut.

Banyak orang mengira bahwa NPWP hanya bisa dibuat oleh orang yang sudah bekerja. Tapi jangan khawatir, pada kenyataannya pembuatan NPWP sangat mudah dan bisa dilakukan oleh siapapun yang sudah berumur legal. Kamu cukup datang ke kantor pelayanan pajak terdekat sambil membawa Kartu Tanda Penduduk (KTP) saja. Apabila kamu beruntung tidak menemukan antrian, kamu akan langsung dilayani. Tinggal mengisi formulir, menunggu sekitar lima menit, dan tada... kamu akan mendapatkan kartu NPWP atas nama kamu sendiri. 

Eits. Tunggu dulu. Proses yang mudah tersebut hanya dapat dilalui oleh kamu yang mendatangi kantor pelayanan pajak yang lokasinya berada di kota yang sama dengan keterangan domisili kamu di KTP. Lalu bagaimana caranya apabila kamu ingin membuat NPWP di kantor pelayanan pajak yang letaknya berbeda dengan domisili KTP? Kamu harus membuat surat keterangan domisili sementara (namanya sih surat, tapi bentuknya mirip KTP).

Berikut proses yang harus kamu lalui apabila kamu ingin membuat NPWP di kantor pelayanan pajak yang lokasinya berbeda dengan domisili KTP kamu;

1) Buat surat keterangan tinggal yang ditandatangani oleh kepala keluarga rumah yang kamu tinggali (apabila kamu nge-kos, berarti minta tanda tangan pemilik kos), ketua Rukun Tetangga (RT) dan ketua Rukun Warga (RW). Tanda tangan kepala keluarga harus diatas materai. Sementara tanda tangan ketua RT dan RW, masing-masing harus dibubuhi cap setempat.

Buat suratnya ya sederhana saja sih seperti surat pernyataan pada umumnya yang diajarkan guru Bahasa Indonesia jaman sekolah dulu.

Kami yang bertanda tangan di bawah ini menyatakan bahwa;

Nama : (insert nama kamu)
Usia : (insert usia kamu)
Pekerjaan : (insert pekerjaan kamu apakah pegawai swasta, atau mahasiswa)

benar tinggal di (insert alamat domisili). Surat pernyataan ini dibuat untuk keperluan pembuatan NPWP.

2) Apabila surat keterangan tinggal sudah selesai ditandatangani oleh ketiga pihak tersebut, langkah selanjutnya adalah membuat surat keterangan domisili sementara di kantor kecamatan setempat. Berkas-berkas yang harus dibawa adalah;

- surat keterangan tinggal yang sudah ditandatangani diatas materai dan dicap oleh RT dan RW
- 1 lembar copy KK rumah yang kamu tinggali saat ini (yg ada nama kepala keluarganya)
- 3 lembar copy KTP
- 3 lembar pasfoto berwarna ukuran 2x3
- KTP asli

Lagi-lagi, apabila kamu beruntung dan antrian tidak terlalu banyak, maka surat keterangan domisili sementara atas nama kamu akan jadi hari itu juga. Namun jika kantor kecamatan pada hari itu sedang sibuk dan banyak antrian, hari itu kamu hanya kebagian menyerahkan berkas, lalu kamu harus kembali keesokan hari untuk mengambil surat keterangan domisili sementara yang sudah jadi.

3) Jika surat keterangan domisili sementara sudah ada di tangan kamu, maka kamu bisa langsung membawanya ke kantor pelayanan pajak setempat dan jangan lupa juga membawa KTP asli. NPWP atas nama kamu akan selesai hari itu juga :)

Anyway, surat keterangan domisili sementara ini juga bisa digunakan untuk membuat rekening bank dan akun BPJS di kantor cabang yang lokasinya berbeda dengan domisili KTP kamu. Surat keterangan domisili sementara ini hanya berlaku satu tahun dan dapat kamu perpanjang. Makanya, setelah surat keterangan domisili sementara ini jadi, segeralah membuat NPWP, BPJS (pendaftaran BPJS memerlukan NPWP terlebih dahulu, biasanya didaftarkan oleh kantor tempat kamu akan bekerja nantinya) maupun rekening baru apabila kamu memerlukannya. Bagi freshgraduate khususnya yang merantau, lebih baik cepat-cepat membuatnya daripada nanti keburu kerja dan repot harus cuti atau ijin datang terlambat~


01 Januari 2016

Your Own Risk

When you have an insurance policy, you don't have to be worry when a part of your belonging is broken or lost. Because you know that you will get it fixed, or even you will get a new one.

Years ago, you got this guy. He agreed to be claimed as yours. He is yours. You are his. You love him so much that you pray to God and behave well everyday so that God won't let him get out of your life.

But all of a sudden, a bitch stole his heart. You lost him. You were so mad. You were so sad. You told God that you want to meet a new one. You couldn't bear your madness and sadness. Day after day, you are still all alone. You wonder why God let you suffer such a worst feeling.

But... don't you remember honey, there is something you already agreed before you let yourself fall in love, before you let your heart claimed by someone... It's your own risk before you meet the new one;

a heart break.


I've posted it on my Line months ago. Not a personal experience. Just a random thought during my after office general insurance course on Tuesday night~