01 Januari 2016

Your Own Risk

When you have an insurance policy, you don't have to be worry when a part of your belonging is broken or lost. Because you know that you will get it fixed, or even you will get a new one.

Years ago, you got this guy. He agreed to be claimed as yours. He is yours. You are his. You love him so much that you pray to God and behave well everyday so that God won't let him get out of your life.

But all of a sudden, a bitch stole his heart. You lost him. You were so mad. You were so sad. You told God that you want to meet a new one. You couldn't bear your madness and sadness. Day after day, you are still all alone. You wonder why God let you suffer such a worst feeling.

But... don't you remember honey, there is something you already agreed before you let yourself fall in love, before you let your heart claimed by someone... It's your own risk before you meet the new one;

a heart break.


I've posted it on my Line months ago. Not a personal experience. Just a random thought during my after office general insurance course on Tuesday night~

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