14 Februari 2016


When anyone said that they love me, whether it is platonic or romantically, I usually wonder. I am afraid that someday they will see me the way I see myself. I feel like I do not deserve their kindness and love.

You know it is not hard to fall in love with people when you see them in a good terms. 

You see them happy, enjoying their day, laughing and joking around. You see them caring for anyone else. You see them being grateful for the way they are.

But, you gotta admit that everyone has a yin in a yang, and vice versa.

What if you see them sad, cursing their day, crying and bitching around? You will see them being ignorant towards their circumstances. You will see them being ungrateful moron during their suffered time.

This is makes me worry. Will they still love me when they know that I am such a mess and terrible person?