20 Maret 2016

Self Centered

Have you ever heard about a statement like this...

"Real friends are rare. People usually stay only in your good point. When you reach your lowest point and you need them, they are not always there. Only few people stay"

I personally think that it's totally fine. People come and go. Not all people we met and know will always stay there for us. There are people who accompany you in high school or college, and there are people who become your workmate in the office.

I also think it's fine when I hear a statement like... "People only come to you if they want something from you,". Well it's like common sense. Say you are going to go to your bestfriend's house to watch a movie with them. It is mean that you come to them because you want to watch a movie, because you want someone to accompany you watch the movie, because you want to be accompanied by someone during your leisure time. And it is totally fine.

What's not fine is if people come to you to use you for their own benefit without thinking (or worse, deny) whether it gives a negative impact to you or maybe another people. Using someone for this kind of matter is the real definition of cruel in my point of view.

So it is fine for people to be a self centered. Because if they are not, how the hell they should be? You-centered?

As much as I think that self centered is fine, please noted that I believe kindness and sincerity beyond everything.

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