27 Desember 2016

Me and My "What if"

I believe almost everyone including myself have our own "What if". As I get older, especially in the moment after graduated from high school and moved away from my parents, I wonder... a lot. This feeling grows each day and reach it finest points so far after I graduated from university. Social pressure totally stressed me out back then.

Everyone said it was okay and it was just a phase, but I did not think so. I knew I have to make a major change, I did it and turns out it was one of my biggest decision so far. I hope there will be a lot big things to be decided in the future. 

December is always become a good time to evaluate myself all over the year. It remind me of my "What if(s)". I always wonder what if I move to other land or country? What if I pursue my master degree in some places I have never been before? What if I started a business seriously? What if I write seriously? What if I take a spontaneous trip on my own? What if I explore other religion (chill, it's not like I'm gonna change my personal belief)? And more, and more...

I want something dynamic. I do not want to settle down for something static just because everyone thinks it is fine. I hope I get the courage to do all the things I always wonder next in 2017. Just like Plath said, I want to taste and glory in each day and never be afraid to experience pain.